App does not run

I’ve finally managed to get a clean iOS test version of my app but when the app loads, it just shows [object Object] and nothing appears in the Safari developer console. This app used to work fine in PhoneGap Build and when built with Xcode before December’s deprecation of UIWebView. I have put a console.log in the (document).ready function but this is not executed

So the app runs, but does not put what you expect on the screen, right?

With the Safari Inspector open, have you tried doing a reload so you see all the messages right from startup?

Hi, sorry to be slow to respond - the urgent always seems to take priority over the important! Safari is misbehaving now - it initially recognises the inspectable application and shows the console for a second, but then the console immediately closes and Safari refuses to recognise the application again. Are there any other tools that I can use that are less quirky? I have had this problem with Safari before

The only one I know is this:

It’s still in beta.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I might also try rebooting as it works sometimes